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Archive 6 - October 2003 - The goslings arrive; Victoria,again!

The goslings arrive; Victoria, again!

When baby goslings suddenly appear we know that spring is here. Jemima is now the proud mother of two beautiful baby goslings and Jeremy and Solly are doting parents. They watch over those babies day and night never leaving their sides. Poor Samantha, she is still sitting on her nest, hoping that something will appear. She has never been successful at hatching babies, but then, she is a bad sitter. She would rather gallivant with Jeremy and Solly and then her eggs go cold and by the time she does decide to sit faithfully on her nest, it is too late.
The Egyptian Geese have arrived and the breeding pair that usually stay here are very aggressive towards any other Egyptian Geese trying to invade their territory. They chase the intruder and when he flies up they still attack him in mid-air. I had to smile the other day when I saw how one of the Egyptian geese tried to annoy one of the Guinea Fowl. He would go up to the guinea fowl and then the guinea fowl would chase him, and the Egyptian goose would run away. When the guinea fowl turned back, the Egyptian Goose returned to continue to annoy him. This went on and on and it gave the Egyptian Goose a great thrill when the guinea fowl chased him. Eventually the guinea fowl got so cross that the Egyptian goose decided that it was time to fly away.
Our guests are thorougly enjoying this daily entertainment.
Victoria is still struggling with her sore trotters. It can't be too bad, because she is still on time at the kitchen door for her daily meals. When she cries at the kitchen door, I open for her, and while I am preparing her meal she stands next to me squealing, of course, and her latest trick is to get her cold nose under my dress and she rubs it against my legs, hoping that this would make me hurrry up with her meal. The other day she got her times wrong; she demanded dinner at 4pm and not 5pm. I did not look at the clock and thinking that it was 5pm, I fed her. That night when I went to say good night to her at 8pm, she jumped up looking very happy to see me. I explained to her that I was not giving her late night snacks and she must go to sleep. I turned off the lights and closed the stable door. It was not long when I heard a loud noise and the stable door opened (the strength that she has got in her nose to open that big door is amazing) and along came Victoria on her way to the kitchen squealing. There was no way that she was going to go to bed without something to eat.



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